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Business Growth

Moving Businesses To The Next Level

Helping business owners achieve what they want is at the heart of our Business Builder Packages and services.

Through innovative technology and the expertise of our people, we provide strategy, growth and profit improvement solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs through our Business Growth Programmes.

We kick off with a complimentary Business Energiser Session to determine what is most important and what the priorities are, both for the business and you, the owner.

The key opportunities and focus areas are identified. Your aims, goals and objectives are understood and documented.

We identify your strategic aim. Perhaps your focus is growth, or maintain and protect, or possibly a strategy to exit the business.

Then we plan the next steps to long term success.

We make the complicated simple, and we are here to help you take your business to the next level.

Our Packages

The Client Centric Approach

We Are Entirely Focused On Your Requirements

With tailored and flexible programmes to meet your needs and wants. Every business, and every business owner, is different. There is no right or wrong. Using a structured approach, best practice principles and over 20 years specialist financial knowledge.

Our Pricing

At NKY Consulting, we provide all our clients with a fixed monthly fee for our Business Builder Packages.

At the start of the journey we sit down with you and map out the perfect Business Builder Package for your business.

Our fees are agreed with you in advance so you know exactly where you stand. We like to be really clear about what’s included in your fixed monthly fee. Paid by direct debit, it’s the best option for your cash-flow too.

If any additional work is required then we will discuss this in advance and advise of the fee before we carry out any work. You won’t receive any nasty surprises down the line.