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The Virtual Finance Function – How It Can Increase Your Bottom Line Profit

Outsourcing parts of your business is not a new way of working.  It’s been around for many years.  You may call upon legal advice when required, or perhaps your IT department is run virtually by a third party.  All arrangements that work perfectly well if managed and controlled effectively.  The progression to cloud-based services makes the Finance Function ideal for being managed virtually.

The Benefits of Investing in a Virtual Finance Function

  • Access to SPECIALIST ADVICE and KNOWLEDGE across a wide range of areas
    • Business Strategy & Advice
    • Budgeting and Planning
    • Cash Management
    • Bookkeeping
    • Statutory Accounts
    • Credit Control
    • Payroll
    • Cloud Accounting Software
    • Management Accounts
    • Taxation / VAT
    • Latest Business Practices and Government Regulations
  • PEACE OF MIND that your finance function is being taken care of, allowing you to focus on running your business.
  • Expert ADVICE on latest government regulations, software and reporting tools that can help your business flourish.
  • When owning a business RISK MANAGEMENT is key.  Every business has to pay taxes, file annual accounts and run payroll.  Get it right first time by recruiting EXPERTISE in these areas.  You have immediate access to the specialists you need.
  • Reduce TIME & RESOURCES that are dedicated to finance duties.  FOCUS your time on your core business.  Leave the Finance Function to the experts in this field.
  • Agree a distinct package that is tailored to meet your company requirements > FLEXIBILITY & SCALABILITY.  You only pay for your own specific and unique needs.  You can increase or decrease resources easily as operations dictate.
  • Access to REAL-TIME management and financial INFORMATION enabling informed and effective business decisions being made in a timely manner.
  • Costs are generally higher for companies with internal Finance Functions versus those who outsource.  When done correctly, outsourcing, almost always DECREASES OVERHEAD COSTS.


As businesses emerge from lockdown it’s expected that more will be persuaded by the advantages of utilising a Virtual Finance Function.  As highlighted above the benefits are clear and tangible.  If you are considering a Virtual Finance Function to positively impact your business please get in touch for an initial discovery call.